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Pink Kitty Cat Hat

I finished the pink kitty cat hat. It turned out pretty nice and comfy. I actually like how the fabric feels which is pretty rare for Red Heart. One project done forty-nine to go.

Project Fidelity

I really have issues sticking to just one project. I find some new pretty yarn, in the stash I inherited from my mom, and I immediately have to make something with it. Last night, I found a skein of Red Heart in the colorway Pretty ‘N…

Back after a 10 year hiatus

I’m finally getting Crafty Anarchy going again after ignoring it for the last 10 years. I tried multiple times in the last few years to bring it back but so much life has happened that I haven’t been mentally prepared to do it. I hope this…

Hexagon Block

My mom was recently wanting to make a grandma’s flower garden blanket. She couldn’t find any patterns that she liked because most of them involved a stitch that made the block have a wagon wheel design to it. She decided to go ahead and make her…

Fused Plastic

Yesterday I discovered a new use for plastic grocery bags. Instead of making them into strips and turning them into yarn, you can cut them up and make them into plastic fabric using an iron. I found a really nice tutorial on Etsy Labs that gives step by…

Amigurumi Help

I was just stumbling and found something that would be helpful to anyone trying to do amigurumi. Planet June has a bunch of helpful hints on everything from how to change colors to where to buy eyes.

63 Squares: Block 17 Cluster Square Revision

The pattern calls for a special round of edging, and one sc in the last sc of that edging. Rather than sc in the last sc, sc in the last 3 sc. Adding the two stitches makes it to where you don’t have a gap in…