Project Fidelity

I really have issues sticking to just one project. I find some new pretty yarn, in the stash I inherited from my mom, and I immediately have to make something with it. Last night, I found a skein of Red Heart in the colorway Pretty ‘N Pink, that told me that it just had to be a pink kitty cat hat like the ones some women were wearing in the Women’s March yesterday. I am now about a third of the way through it and will probably finish it this morning.

I know that the ‘Pussy Hat’ is a pretty controversial topic, especially in the circles I’m in. I understand why my trans sisters feel like it is TERFy and why my sisters of color think that it is racist. It was never meant to be either of those things. My fellow crafters and their patrons were only wanting to take the things that men use against us and own them so they can not hurt them with it. Trump said “Grab ’em by the pussy” and so they did a play on words to make pussy (cat) hats. The pink is merely the color that society has demanded as ours. For the majority of people who started this it was never about white women’s vulvas. So, even though I know there is a chance that it will piss off at least one of my friends (my trans wife doesn’t care), I decided to embark on this adventure of making the pink kitty cat hat because I love cats and I love this shade of pink.

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