Hexagon Block

My mom was recently wanting to make a grandma’s flower garden blanket. She couldn’t find any patterns that she liked because most of them involved a stitch that made the block have a wagon wheel design to it. She decided to go ahead and make her own pattern, so here it is.

Ch 6, join with sl to form a ring.
Round 1: Ch 4, (dc, ch1) 11 times in ring, join to 3rd chain of 1st ch 4 with a sl st
Round 2: sl st in 1st ch 1 sp, ch3, dc, ch2, 2dc in same sp, dc in next sp, (2dc ch2 2dc(shell made) in next sp, dc in next sp) 5 times, join to ch3 with sl st
Round 3: ch3 dc in next dc, (shell in next ch2 sp, dc in next 5 dc) 5 times, shell in next ch2 sp, dc in next 3 dc, join with sl st to 1st ch3; fasten off

I will be posting a picture of what the block looks like shortly and a picture of my mom’s completed blanket eventually.

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